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Activation Issue with Windows 8 Pro Upgrade

August 18th, 2012 No comments

I did an upgrade to Windows 8 Pro last night from Windows 7 Ultimate (both from my MSDN account). In the activation screen I was getting an error similar to “file or description cannot be found” both on the UI, and as a popup when I clicked the Activate button. Eventually what I found out was that I needed to change the license key; however, the button that the normal instructions said to use was not there to change it.

You can change your key through an elevated command prompt by executing the following command:

The UI still showed the same error When I went back into the activation screen; however, when I clicked the Activate button it went through and now everything looks and is working as intended.

Hopefully this helps some of you avoid the headache of trying to track down the root of this problem. I, unfortunately, did not take a screen shot. If my laptop has the same problem, I’ll make sure to take one and update the post.

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