About Me

My name is Ed Frey and I am a Technology Director for Rosetta, an interactive marketing company with offices scattered around the country.  Technology Director is marketing speak for a Technical Architect.  I have been active in software development since I was in high school and I ended up switching majors in college to become a software developer instead of whatever boring career I was originally in college for. I am currently specialized in the Microsoft stack and I love to teach junior developers about the elegance of a simple design.

I am currently working as the lead architect on a project to build a custom ERP solution.  We architected the platform to run on primarily the Microsoft stack: utilizing .net 4, wpf, wcf, entity framework, app fabric and an assortment of other technologies.  Our backend is an Oracle database so you’ll occasionally see posts around that as well.  In large architectures, maintainability is key.  As such,  I am constantly pushing my developers to remember to “Keep things as simple as possible, but not simpler”.

In my free time I love to work on side project with friends, play video games with my wife, work on my house, and play with my 2 kids.

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